This is a self guided Trail, clearly signed by way marked posts, which takes you over the general area where the battle was fought. It simply attempts to show you the lie of the land and leaves you to envisage for yourself what happened here on 4th August 1265. Besides exploring the scene of the battle, we hope this walk will help you to enjoy the beauty of this typical Vale countryside with its extensive orchards – a very important part of Evesham’s later history. There are glorious views to Bredon Hill and (on a clear day) the Malverns.

The Battle Well Field is tenanted by the Society and is being actively managed as part of a Natural England stewardship scheme, with particular emphasis on conserving the flora.

The route of the Trail is entirely on private land. Access is strictly by permission of the landowner and tenants and at their discretion, There is no intention to dedicate any part of the Trail as a public right of way. Please keep strictly to the marked paths, do not enter any other land, respect all property and take your litter home.
The route is undulating and regrettably not suitable for wheelchairs.

If you would like to know more about Simon de Montfort and the Battle of Evesham contact the Simon de Montfort Society 01789 772943 or visit the Society’s web site or the Almonry Heritage Centre, Evesham.