Multi-award winning photographer Jack Boskett is set to captivate audiences with his presentation, ‘From Railways to Royalty’. He delves into the narratives behind his photographs, offering a glimpse into some truly captivating moments. His extensive portfolio includes his experiences as an official photographer during the solemn occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and the grandeur of King Charles III’s Coronation. Surprisingly, Jack attributes his remarkable journey to his initial passion for railways. This seemingly unrelated interest served as the catalyst for his eventual career. As he unravels his story, the audience will see the unexpected twists and turns that led Jack to where he stands today, showcasing his extraordinary talent and unique perspective.

Through Jack Boskett’s lens, the convergence of railways and royal occasions becomes a tale worth hearing, unveiling the fascinating link between seemingly disparate worlds. Get ready to embark on a visual journey where unexpected passions intertwine to create a remarkable photographic legacy. Tickets: £12.