Ever since the invention of the printing press, those in power have seen mass communication as a dangerous threat, usurping their ability to tell people what to think, and capable of stirring up discontent and even rebellion.

In his illustrated talk, historian and international journalist, Derek Taylor tracks the long and bloody fight between the media and the mighty. He explains how neither side has always told the truth. And, in our own time, when social media has put mass communication in the hands of anyone with a smart-phone – from a US President, to any crook, conspiracy theorist or foreign enemy – Derek asks: What hope for the rest of us who just want to know what’s really going on?

Derek is a former war reporter, who now writes best-selling history books. He studied History at Oxford before joining ITN, where he covered events in Northern Ireland, Rome, South Africa and the United States. He was ITN’s first Middle East correspondent, reported on five wars, and spent seven months in Iran during the Islamic revolution. Now, in retirement, he has returned to his first passion, and written several best-selling histories, including Fayke Newes: from Henry VIII to Donald Trump. In 2022 he talked about the remarkable travels of Celia Fiennes. Tickets: £9.