This meadow is sited on the plain below Evesham’s new Leisure Centre opened in 2009.  Quieter than Crown Meadow this site is popular with dog walkers and for fishing.Lime trees shade the riverside walk along the Avon.  This route now links to a further walk along to the old chain Ferry and the Riverside café, and from there it’s a short walk back to the town centre.


  • Picnic site
  • Riverside seating and walk.

Useful Information

Parking – At the adjacent Viaduct Meadow – open all year (flooding excepted).Toilets – At the adjacent Viaduct Meadow. For more information see the Public Toilets page.

Fish Refuge – At the far end of the meadows is an enlarged ditch, pond area. This was constructed by the Environment Agency in 2009 as a safe refuge for young fish at times of flooding to prevent the fry being swept away down river.

Dog Waste – Poop scoop bins provided. Please collect up after your dog.

Lifebuoys – Located along the river inside red cases.  For more information see the Lifebuoys page.

Size & Location

Approx 3.5 hectares.