May Heydays offers an enjoyable bank holiday weekend mix of different folk dance traditions from many parts of the world.
Our extensive English programme of workshops and dances includes modern and historical dance (including Playford and other styles and eras) with a variety of live bands. About one-third of the weekend will be taken up by dancing American Contra.
Bands include Wild Ride, Purcell’s Polyphonic Party, Keeping Thyme, Albireo and the Portland Duo.
International dancers will learn line and couple dances from different regions of the world, with a special emphasis on the Balkans. Due to the range of styles, rhythms and tunes involved in International dancing, workshops are mostly taught with recorded music; only for the evening dances will there be live musicians.
For the French/Breton workshops and dance live music will be supplied by Confluence.
The dance programme starts on Friday evening and goes through to Monday afternoon.