Sue Andrews is the author of three popular farming memoirs about life on her sheep farm in the Cotswolds. She has even been dubbed the “Cotswolds’ answer to Amanda Owen!” She has an incredibly warm and characterful story to tell about how she and her husband Aubrey followed their farming dreams. A tale of small beginnings and the age-old call of the farming life. It certainly seemed an impossible dream at first. Sue was a horse-mad girl strongly attracted to the idea of farming. Aubrey was the son of a farm manager without land or money.

Sue recalls that it all started with Satan, a superb specimen of a black Welsh Mountain ram. He certainly proved a challenge and a good part of their learning curve. Now internationally renowned breeders of pedigree Texel sheep, there are a host of stories in between. A joint event with Harvington Festival. Tickets: £8 (including tea/scone/cake).