Home resident English Electric Type 3 (Class 37) diesel-electric locomotives No’s D6948 & 37215 will be ‘Doubling Up’ on Sunday on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, both double-heading and top ‘n’ tailing train services throughout the day, giving visitors and diesel enthusiasts the full ‘English Electric’ experience. See them arrive at Broadway Station and enjoy a thrilling journey to Cheltenham Racecourse. The sound of a 1750hp English Electric 12CSVT diesel engine rumbling through Greet Tunnel near Winchcombe is hard to beat – especially when there are two of them!

Other Sundays when our railway’s diesel loco fleet will be ‘Doubling Up’ are 1 September – Brush Type 4 (British Rail Class 47), and 29 September – English Electric Type 3 (Class 37) locos again.