ouise Willder writes book blurbs for a living with Penguin Books. During her career she has blurbed more than 5,000 books. Chances are you will have been sold on one of them! Whenever you venture into a bookshop, its likely you will have seen something she has written, though her name never appears. She reckons that most of us will read – or skim – more book blurbs than books in our lifetime.

In this new topic for the Festival, Louise will talk about how she got into writing blurbs and some of the challenges. She will talk about her book, Blurb Your Enthusiasm: An A-Z of Literary Persuasion, in which she attempts to answer some of the many questions that arise while writing blurbs, drawing on the lessons she has learned as a writer of blurbs, a blurber, a blurbologist, or a blurbiste! Tickets : £8 (includes cold drink and cake.)