Sue Ablett has been Festival Chair since it launched in 2016. In this talk, in her own inimitable style, Sue takes you behind the scenes of Evesham Festival of Words. Hear how the Festival began, how Sue got involved, and see some of the events featured over the years.

If you ever wondered how speakers are found, this will be your chance to find out – and you might get some surprises. And what about those tricky moments? And there have been a few even when things look to be going swimmingly. We finish off with some lessons learned.

Why a title of ‘Bums on Seats?’ As Sue will explain, it doesn’t matter how good a programme you have, or how good the speakers, if you can’t sell tickets, and you can’t get bums on seats, you don’t have a festival. A fun, interesting and engaging event!

Tickets: £9, including cold drink and cake.