Evesham town centre is set to turn the clock back once more for its 5th annual spectacular May Medieval Market with over 100 stalls and more than 130 living history performers over the weekend of May 18-19, 2024.
The outdoor market, staged in the historic Evesham Market Square and the grounds of the twin Medieval Churches of Evesham Abbey, will include knights demonstrating armour and weaponry from 1066 to 1485, community stands in St Lawrence’s church, together with artisan craft, food and drink stalls in Evesham Market Square.
The market has really captured the imagination of local people and draws living history re-enactors from groups across the country. As with the main Battle of Evesham festival in August, the Market is also gaining an international reputation.
Local volunteers and organisations work hard to put on a great market that provides insights into medieval life and the town’s role in events which shaped the modern world.
The Living History camp will include groups representing late-period Vikings and Norman soldiers from the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries, led by the all-powerful barons and royal households with their colourful coats of arms. There will be armoured medieval knights and weapon demonstrations in the Battle Arena in Evesham Abbey Park and the Living History camp will include iron-forges, leatherwork, wooden crafts, needlework, mead making and cooking from throughout the ‘High Medieval Period’ of 1066 to 1485.
The Abbey Cloisters and the recently landscaped Nave gardens will be open to help members of the public imagine how the third largest abbey in England used to look in its heyday.
St Lawrence’s Church will host displays from local community groups, allowing them a free space to showcase their activities, attract volunteers and raise funds for their causes.
An artisan market will take place in Market Square, with many crafts, food and drink stalls showcasing some of the best local produce – from Jam to Gin and Ceramics to Greetings Cards.
Admission to the Evesham Medieval Market is free. Funds raised through donations will go towards running the Battle of Evesham Festival which will be staged over the weekend of August 3-4. This spectacular re-enactment event is now England’s largest annual Battle re-enactment of the high-medieval period – after the Norman Invasion and before War of the Roses – and is now the third largest Medieval Battle re-enactment in Europe.