He is the creator and writer of BBC One’s Our Girl, a British TV military drama series first broadcast in March 2013. Join us this evening as Tony talks about his writing career, the origins of the show, coming up with new storylines, dealing with fan feedback, as well as some of the other projects he has worked on.

The creator and writer of BBC One’s ‘Our Girl’, Tony Grounds is a British playwright and screenwriter, described by The Independent as “the best TV writer of his generation”. Tony originally planned to become an actor until he realised he was very bad at it! Apart from ‘Our Girl’ he has written two episodes of EastEnders and two episodes of The Bill. He reckons he is ok at inventing his own quirky characters mainly drawn from his quirky set of friends and family. This is bound to be a fascinating evening and Evesham Rowing Club is the perfect venue. Tickets £9. https://eveshamfestivalofwords.org/programme/#screenwriter