Evesham for many people brings back memories of history lessons and learning about the famous Battle of Evesham in 1265 which saw Prince Edward defeat the rebellious Simon de Montfort. It is also said the battle marked the first time the English flag of Saint George was flown.

Obviously the place has changed dramatically since then but a visit to Evesham still feels like a step back in time. The peaceful Mediaeval market town hugs the banks of the River Avon which virtually surrounds it in a huge meander as the river gently makes its way from Stratford on Avon to Tewkesbury.

Alongside the river you’ll find Abbey Park which is the perfect place to start your day. Begin by taking a stroll through the park gardens that boast beautiful lawns, lots of lovely old trees and a lily pond that adds to the sense of tranquillity. Listen out for the carillon marking the hour as it emanates from the old Bell Tower situated at the edge of the park.

The highlight for the kids will be the playground built into the natural contours of the landscape which has an organic, Hobbit-home feel to it. There is an embankment slide that is built underground and a cargo net to climb over the top. A series of stepping stones provide children with a further challenge as they navigate the playground to have a go on the trampoline, the numerous wood and rope climbing structures along with swings and sandpits. There are lots of areas for parents to sit and relax while some serious play is undertaken. Afterwards, you can either find somewhere for a picnic or head to the cafe in the park for a much-needed coffee or soft drink. If your children enjoy feeding the ducks, head back down to the river where you might be lucky enough to find a swan or two gliding past as well. In the summer, you can also hire a little boat at the riverside to explore the River Avon.

From the park, head into town. If your children are into history, they might enjoy a visit to the Almonry Museum with twelve rooms to explore that include Anglo-Saxon treasures and clothing from the 1700s.

If you’ve worked up an appetite, why not pop into one of the many quirky cafes Evesham has to offer. And what would a day out be without an ice cream? Whether you’re 2 or 92, delicious ice cream cheers everyone up so don’t miss the home-made Italian gelato served by Italian restaurant and ice cream bar, Flavours. Raspberry Cheesecake, Mango Spice, Coconut & Chocolate or Jaffa Cake are just a few of the mouthwatering choices and new flavours are added all the time but especially around Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Choose up to three scoops in a waffle cone and give your taste buds a treat.

After all that food and drink, it may be time for a sit down but one that also keeps the kids busy. Why not pop along to Kaz & Annie’s for a pottery workshop.  Drop in whenever you like, choose the precast pottery piece you want to decorate and channel your inner crafter. If you want something different, you can decoupage a papier mache item or choose a take-away kit that can be done at home on a rainy day.

For those families who are film buffs, you might enjoy taking in a movie at The Regal Cinema. Unlike most cinemas, it’s privately owned and is an art deco delight. Showing mainstream and art-house films, it has a coffee bar by day and a wine bar by night.

Whilst heading over to the Regal, don’t forget to drop in at Gummy Gumdrops for those all-important sweet treats. Give yourself plenty of time to browse as this place puts even the likes of Willy Wonka to shame. Family-owned, choose from over 200 different types of jarred sweets, 60 pick’n’mix options, Charlie’s Chocolate which is handmade on the premises as well as a huge choice of fudge, licorice, slushies and milk shakes. It’s paradise with a shopfront.

There’s so much more to Evesham we haven’t even talked about. There’s only one thing for it – you’ll have to come back another day.

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